What Can I Expect if I Turn Up On A Sunday?

We know it can be daunting to attend a church for the first time, so we want to give you an idea of what to expect when you attend one of our church services.

Where is the Church?

The church is on the corner of Jessie and Rusden Streets in Armidale. A map to find the church is found on our Contact page.

When Should I Arrive?

Church Services are on Sunday morning with two parts (linked by morning tea):
9:00 am – Morning Service Part 1: We run a group for children in Years 5 - 8 during this time.
10:45 am – TEN:45 Service: A contemporary interactive service, with a Sunday School for young children K - Year 4.

Please check service times for the Christmas-New Year period here.

Where Can I Park?

Off street parking is available on the church grounds. Extra parking is in Jessie Street on the grassed area behind the church hall.

What Should I Wear?

Come as you are! While you might tend to worry about what to wear to church, you will fit in just fine whether you come in jeans and a t-shirt or a suit and tie. Most people tend to wear good casual wear in the morning and jeans at night. But we don’t really care! What is in our hearts is more important that what is on our body!

What Kinds of People Are There?

On a typical Sunday, you’ll see all kinds of people – young children, teenagers, families, over 50’s and senior adults hanging out with lifelong friends. Armidale District Baptist is a dynamic multi-generational and ethnically mixed community of faith with people from all walks of life.

What is There for My Kids?

We believe that Jesus loves kids and so do we! Kids are a precious gift and a special part of our church family. That's why we provide a quality, energetic, fun program for them.

Team Yes runs during our 9:00 am Morning Service Part 1. Experienced teachers lead the children (Years 5 - 8) in a fun and engaging time that ends just as this part of the service ends.

Sunday School (for younger children K - Year 4) runs during the TEN:45 second part of the Sunday Morning Service.

It’s fine with us if you would rather keep your children with you during Sunday Morning Services.

Kid’s Corner Nursery: At the rear of the church we have a special area for young pre-school children. Here you can supervise your child while still being able to hear and see the service on TV. This semi-sound proofed area can provide you with some peace of mind if you are concerned that your child is being quite normal at a higher volume than you want. We enjoy having children in the church and would rather have some “kid noises” than have them absent from the church. So relax.

The Big “T” Question

The toilets are in the hall and can easily be found. They are modern. A change table for babies is also available.

What Will Happen at the End of the Service?

At the end of the service you will not be trapped, asked to sign anything or forced to commit to a return visit! We would love you to become part of our church family but we want you to have the freedom to decide whether we are God’s people for you to join.

There is a morning tea between the two parts of the Sunday Morning service, and we invite you to join us for a cuppa and a chat in the hall - it doesn't matter which part(s) of the service you go to. In a relaxed environment you can meet like-minded people and begin to develop meaningful friendships. Pastor Andrew is usually also available for a chat during that time. If you have brought your family, there is a secure child-friendly yard with play equipment and an under-cover area.

Come and worship God with integrity and freedom in a church that has a clear Jesus focus and where the Bible is proclaimed with clarity, accuracy and passion.