“Serving One Another in Love”

Part of the privilege of living for Jesus Christ is the opportunity to help one another. We have a number of formal ministries that provide for the practical care and support that are part of the life of a church. Some of these ministries help with the activities of the church, like the operation of the church sound system or PowerPoint on a Sunday. Others provide specific care to people in the church family, like visitation to people who are unable to come to church. Other ministries have a wider perspective like our Nursing Home Ministry.

There is always the understanding that these ministries are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to caring for each other and facilitating the healthy functioning of the church. Most of our caring will be the “grass roots” every member caring that happens in a beautiful and informal way as we love one another.

Prayer Ministry

An essential and continual part of the life and ministry of the church

Ministry in Prayer

Ministry Opportunities

It is a privilege to serve the Body as we live for Jesus

A role for you?