Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an essential part of the life and ministry of Armidale Baptist Church. Prayer is both an informal, continual part  of the church and also a planned ministry of the church. Prayer is an essential part of our Life Groups and our worship services.

Prayer before Sunday Services

Ian and Rene Lockrey hold a prayer meeting at the back of the church at 8:30 am before the Morning Service each Sunday. All are welcome to join!

The Church leaders, service leader and speaker pray just before the Morning Service each Sunday

The Band and Service leader also pray just before the TEN:45 Service each Sunday.

Prayer Chain

We run a Prayer Chain where a person may request prayer and know with certainty that a group of people are praying for them in this specific time of need. Prayer points brought to the Prayer Chain are held in utmost confidence. To bring a prayer point to the Prayer Chain or to join the Prayer Chain Team please contact Bev Waters or the Church Office (6772 3316).

Intercessory Prayer

Every month Pastor Andrew and the Intercessory Prayer Team meet to pray.

Diaconate Prayer Wednesday

On the 3rd Wednesday of each month the Diaconate gather to pray for the church, the needs of people within the church, the ministries of the church and a clear discernment of God's will and way forward for the church.

Prayer for Armidale

"The Prayer for Armidale movement seeks to unite Christians in prayer that the Holy Spirit will transform our community, bringing it under the Lordship of Jesus Christ". It is supported by the Armidale Ministers Fellowship.

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