We can easily feel overwhelmed by the challenges of life's events, but a faithful God has provided every resource we need to overcome the difficulties we face. The word of God, as recorded in the bible, is central to our understanding of our relationship with him (God the father, son and spirit) and with those around us. We can often find guidance in reading the words of scripture, particularly if we approach the bible prayerfully. Our understanding can be further expanded by hearing or reading the more detailed explanations found in messages, sermons and articles written by those called to present God's word to followers of Christ.

From Andrew

A regular thought-provoking post from Pastor Andrew Coburn

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Messages/sermons recorded during recent church services

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Sermon Notes

Additional resources to help prepare for the next sermon series

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Deeper exploration of topics with a spiritual dimension

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A personal Easter message

What do we do with regret, mistakes and failures? How do we respond to Jesus’ death on the cross?

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